Hi! I am Raktim Chatterjee

UX Designer, Design Sprint Master

I help teams to work better together and I use proven strategies to increase your bottom-line. Guaranteed!

I’m a UX Designer, I’m a critical thinker with an open mind, a communicator, a mentor and a facilitator. I’m passionate about engaging with problems that deeply focuses on the business goals, customer’s needs, frustrations and stories. I fully advocate creating products that is rigorously researched and tested by users every step of the way. My design goals are to tackle innovative user experience problems, educate, inspire individuals on UX methodologies and continue to challenge myself and others on projects that are out of the ordinary.

Because of my background, passion and experience, I focus more on roles in Product Design, Ixd, UX Strategy and Design Sprints.

My Process

Applying the double diamond technique to all my UX design sprints. I believe that research and usability testing are the keys to delivering a successful product for the user. Starting with the initial sketches to MVP prototypes, my process involves developing the best solution to identify pain points through an iterative approach.

Double Diamond Process

Some of my recent work

Increasing accuracy and efficiency by simplifying process flows and revamping the UI
  • WHO: CampusEAI
  • PRODUCT: Eliminame
  • TYPE: Brown Field
  • WHAT: User Research, Prototyping, Testing, User Flows, UI Design.
  • RESULT: Increasing efficiency & user delight.